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In the Press

By James Ruggia

03.28.2014- Protected from over visitation by their narrow roads, the English Cotswolds are an area about 800 square miles just a couple of hours by car from London and yet they preserve pre-modern English life where thatched roofs, stately manors and village squares are separated by sheep folds, soft hills and hedgerows. Theyfre also the setting for most of the scenes in the popular TV series, Downton Abbey. English Lakeland Ramblers is serving all of this up in two walking programs that are each limited to 15 travelers. . .

by Karen Gardiner Dion

03.19.2014 - In a year that is filled with milestones--from the Independence Referendum, to the Commonwealth Games, to the year-long festival called The Homecoming-- itfs tough to pick just one reason to visit Scotland in 2014. . . .



03.05.2014- Want to see Europe up close and personal? Throw on your sneakers, get some exercise and check out some hidden gems in Scotland and France this year. Here are just a few walking tours and hikes worth checking out...



March/April, 2014 - In Scotland, Lisa Abend disconnects from civilization and discovers something much more...civilized.
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By James Ruggia

02.17.2014 Virginia-based English Lakeland Ramblers promises to take hikers far from those maddening crowds this year on its treks of Scotland's Highlands and Islands. The treks hike low roads, high roads and ancient trails where walkers walk through fields of wildflowers. In 2014 . . .


08.12.2013 - Grasmere, Coniston, Windermere… if they were three high school girls running for prettiest prom queen, it would be tough call as to who would win. And these were just a few of the many idyllic Lake District villages we visited...





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